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About Us

Over the years, Hydrochemistry and Geochemistry Laboratory has started on analysis, interpretation and evaluation of complex environmental issues using environmental forensics approach for better understanding on the release histories of pollutants, sources of contamination, exposure pathways, and associated risks to the ecosystems and humans. The researches include (i) development of chemical pollutants database and indices of riverine ecosystems, (ii) development of mercury pollution index and speciation databases in coastal area, and (iii) application of hydrochemical speciation modelling to study and profiling toxic elements behavior in polluted rivers water, primarily. To date, we have focused and expanded my research to monitoring, risk assessment and development of endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs) pollution index for riverine and coastal ecosystem health of Klang Valley, Malaysia, involved of a variety of scales such as surface water, sediment, food web, and drinking water, as the increased occurrence of EDCs impacts the organisms (i.e., terrestrial, aquatic, and micro-organisms) and humans with the altered exposure and risk. Subsequently, we have scrutinized our research to human health and public perceived risk. Also, we are deeply committed in developing cost-effective water treatment that is beneficial in attenuation of EDCs, besides toxic metals, which is in line with the National Key Results Areas of Malaysia Government Transformation Programme in ensuring safe access to drinking water.

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