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Activities of AADGN will focus on generation, assimilation and dissemination of information for the promotion of dairy goat farming. AADGN will focus on the following activities:





Program 1


Conducting physical conference entitled Asian-Australasian Dairy Goat Conference to be held biannually. Member countries will take turn to organize the above conference. Proceedings from the conference will be an official publication of AADGN. The first conference (the First Asia Dairy Goat Conference) was held in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia in 2012 and the second Asian-Australasian Dairy Goat Conference was held in Indonesia in 2014.


Program 2

The third Asian-Australasian Dairy Goat Conference will be held in China in 2016. For more information please contact Professor Jun Luo at


Program 3

Publication and distribution of Country Reports, Newsletters (on-line and hard copies), some may be in local languages depending on the need of the stakeholders.


Program 4

Regular E-conference of expert groups to develop collaborative research programs to acquire international grants for members across countries, and to develop training workshops for extension workers.

As appropriate

Program 5

With the help of international agencies such as FAO and IDF, transfer of information on goat production and goat milk processing from Europe and USA to Asian countries; and establishment and enhancement of linkages between milk processors interested in processing of goat milk.

As appropriate

Program 6

List of activities relating to dairy goats to be supplied by Country representatives.

As appropriate


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